Monday, April 07, 2008

Look Look!!

Finished Things!!!
Carina's socks. A bamboo-wool blend handdyed by my LYS owner.

The Watermelon socks. On Your Toes with Aloe Vera!

Feet on Fire socks. %100 bamboo socks. As I said I love the colour, but only have one skein.

All were knit on 2.75mm needles in the magic loop style, and toe-up based on the sock pattern from Sensational Knitted Socks. Each was using a different stitch pattern. YAY!! I know that I have never had a post where all my FO's were socks! Neat, a new first.
Wendy, and Hunnybunny, I hope you like them! I can't wait to see you latest socks. I am not exactly sure what turned sock knitting from anintresting idea, to something that I have to have active all the time. I guess it's that "almost instant" gratification. I hope you enjoy checking them out. I have been enjoying wearing all the socks..... except the blue ones, they were for somone else! I hope she is wearing them! (Hunnybunny, maybe the heel that you are knitting isn't the right one for you, there are soooooo many patterns out there!)
I did also finish the You Can't See Me Hat. That however has to be blocked for sure!! so no pics of that! I started a new pair of socks, and given hope by my friend on Illuminating Soul, I will try to knit two socks at a time. Also I am going to continue with the Icarus Shawl. Thanks for being paitent...... I hope you are all having productive weeks! (yikes what a thing to say on Monday!) Talk to you soon!


hunnybunny said...

Those socks are beautiful! I am going to sit down with mine again soon, one of my stitch and bitch friends did the heel on hers last night and it was so neat to watch. The watermelon socks are my favorite! Alright I'm sock motivated!

Penny said...

I love the color of Carina's socks! I'm a sucker for blues, but that is an especially beautiful color!

Wendy said...

I personally like the watermelon ones. Fun color combination for sure!

~Knitting Up A Storm~ said...

Holy moley!! What size foot is that in the last pic??

Great FO's! :)

Kathy said...

I think you are a great knitter and blogger. I have such a hard time reading your blog. Im nearly 50, gasp, and can't see the green easily against the black. I'll still try to read it though! LOvely socks