Friday, October 19, 2007

Too long to wait!

So it has been a little while since my last post. Sorry not to have kept up.
I feel poopy today, and I am a bit down cuz my DF is off on a hunting trip with two buddies. Not that I couldn't have gone, but I don't have all the certification that I need yet. Any how, he will be off in the bush so I worry a wee bit. I have the location and they have GPS, and all that stuff so everything willbe fine. What can I say, I worry.

Anyhow, he has the camera this weekend so when I have FO's I won't be able to post until Tuesday! *dang it*

So I am done the body of the top-down raglan pictured below, and I am almost done the right sleeve. Then the left side and all is done!! YAY!! I am planning on taking this weekend while the man is away to sit and relax a bit.... watch movies he doesn't want to see! LOL

I have done the handwarmers for my DF, they were for this weekend. I have to keep him warm! He has a hat, scarf, socks and now handwarmers from me! I have to get some thicker socks made however and another pair of handwarmers too..... don't want him to have issues if he looses one! LOL Backups are the best idea!

So I also finished another baby blanket and have started a third in the bubbles yarn from Bernat. Yes more for my sister's group of friends. LOL I am going to have to start charging her!
I will be starting on one or two new sweaters this weekend I hope. I have the Rogue ready and waiting.... and I really want to make the Central Park hoodie. You should see the one that Knittypants has up on her site! I love the yarn she has chosen! I have been pondering using that very yarn for a sweater or two! It is so nice to see the Briggs & Little Heritage "Anniversary Twist" used in a garment! She mentions that it is a tough yarn, but I wonder if it is a bit softer on the skin after washing and wearing a few times....... hmmmmmm.

Hope you are all having some lovely fall weather, and have a great weekend!


Kimberly said...

Looking forward to seeing your pictures when you get the camera back.

Some friends of ours are proud new parents and I'm debating about knitting a blanket for them.

Knittypants said...

You'll love the Central Park Hoodie, I haven't seen one yet that doesnt' look just great. I want to knit Rogue one day too, it's another great pattern. My comments on the yarn, it is really rough, but I wear my jacket all the time. It's perfect for the rainy Vancouver weather. Hopefully, it will get softer after more washes, but I will wear it anyway.