Saturday, June 18, 2011

New things and thoughts.

As I mentioned in my last post I have been doing other crafts, not just knitting. Come to think of it, both my previous post did touch on the fact that I have several other crafts in my life. There are times when one just takes over. Lately I have been on fire about my garden, but honestly this is the time of year when you are starting little plants and hoping they survive whatever is lurking in the night. LOL Ask me why..... I lost all my bean and cucumber plants the other night!So no garden talk, I may take some pictures to share when things get really hopping. I hope they will!

Other than that I just really want to make use of all the fantastic creative items that are all over my house! The fabrics! The Paints! The sculptables! LOL

I think that my goal will be to get more all over crafts into my life, not just knitting... I haven't been doing very well. So I hope that when I re-evaluate my goals for the year next month that I can be inspired by other crafty stuff. Honestly I am trying to use this month to get as many projects completed as possible. I want to clear up a bit. so  on that note I have to finish off......

1. The Blue Top-Down Raglan
2. The Essential Cardigan
3. Christmas Stocking
4. Socks (three pairs)
5. Dover Castle Shawl
6. New Beer Gloves

Does that seem like alot? I can't think of anything else on the needles at the moment. I know that a few are less important to get finished, like the socks. I usually have a few pairs on the go so if I don't get them done, I really won't be beating myself up. The decision to re-evaluate my goals at the half year point will happen at the end of this month so I better get cracking. How is it going with your goals? I can say that I am not jogging as mush as I want and I am the only one to blame for that. How do you create a good habit. I have to look into that. Happy crafting! Let me know what you think of my list! Oh, and don't forget World Wide Knit in Public day Saturday at Douglas Park! It's Love Langley Days too, so it should be great and I think there is free hot dogs! LOL

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Harpa Jónsdóttir said...

It's quite a list you have there! Best of luck with finishing your things.