Monday, June 27, 2011

Did you MIni-Maker Faire?

Thanks to an amazing Guild member the Fraser Valley Knitting Guild was at the Vancouver Mini-Maker Faire this past weekend, teaching makers to knit! Check the link in the title, but here are a few things I saw while I was there!

Yarn Bombing!
There were at least two of these knit flags! One at the top of Great Northern Way. We encountered this one on our way to the entrance.

A pedal powered sofa. Seriously, this thing moved great! It even came with music! See the folks sitting on it, there are pedals up there too, so if you want to move around, you just pedal and the legs start to take you forward!

I was told that this was fire breathing.... or perhaps it was the other object... I wasn't really clear on that.

honestly, I don't know how this could use fire at all... it has a large solar panel on the back.

There were so many fantastic things, steampunk stuff, music, a giant snake! Very neat! Important to this tale is the knitting however...

There was knitting and teaching and so many folks were eager to learn. Honestly though, it was a faire dedicated to folks who already like to MAKE... knitting wasn't such a stretch for them, I had some really fast learners, and a few who even leaned toward continental style! Very fun! There were learn to knit kits, and instruction sheets. It was fantastically put together! Thanks J! Check the guild blog for more pictures. Let's hope they do this again next year!

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