Wednesday, May 21, 2008


Happy spring everyone!

I was thinking about my journey through the knit-blog community that we share. It is fantastic.Ever expanding and intresting.... there are so may areas to explore... It has given me a list of people that I (try) to visit each week. I gain new perspectives and ways of looking at things that never occured to me. Some of us knit at the speed of light, and some of us complete our projects at a more conservative pace.

Inspiration is one of the great things that we all share with each other, and have in common. Look more Slippers!

I wanted to share with you what has been keeping me company while I am at work and away from a computer, that I feel is just as inspiring as visiting on-line. When I was trying not to use my wrist they helped a lot. Yes my friends I am talking about podcasts.

I was slow to get into this medium, and I am not planning on publishing one myself, but I am enthusiastic about sharing them. Podio-books are also a great way to fill some time with an original story that I can't get anywhere else, or an old favorite that has been recorded for my listening pleasure! LOL

Here are a few that I feel are compelling, intresting and inspiring. I encourage you to check them out. You don't need an mp3 player, just the equipment thta you are using right now. These three sites allow acess so you can listen on your computer. Try one out.... and see what is out there. Great fun and a intresting side street in our knitting community.

Currently I am listening to Brenda Dayne in Cast On, her "Muse series" has been intresting and very thought provoking for me! Each has it's own appeal, and I have tried some that had horrifying sound quality, or I found the reader annoying, so they weren't for me. Others have sent me around the internet to online treasures that I have never found, or heard of but forgotten about. What I find paticularly enjoyable right now is catching up on the older episodes. They give me insight into knit-happenings online that I missed, (like the knitting olympics) or it reminds me of something that I have participated in (like project spectrum).

So I have been thinking about World wide Knit in Public day, and Knitting fearlessly. What have you been musing on? I am also really enjoying Sticks & String as well as Stitch It!.

Anyway, I plan to have a better update of knitting items in the next week, this past weekend was a long-weekend, and we got away to do some camping, the only thing that was safe to knit was socks!! LOL Let me know what you think..... and blog it maybe.

Are you going to be knitting in public on June 14? Where?


hunnybunny said...

I'm hoping to go to Copley Square in Boston to participate. I think we may have a kid's birthday party to attend though. If I'm there I will be knitting (always knitting at those things). I still haven't hopped on the podcast band wagon myself. I think I'd like to, I'm going to check out your suggestions. I know a woman who does one too, hers is knit a yarn. I should really check that out too.

Aimes said...

slippers looking great!! Thank you for suring the world of podcast. I have no ventured into this world yet and I'm a bit afraid.. no, not the right word, intimidated (took me 5mins to find the right sp on google.. lol) of the postcast world!! but thanks for blogging about it, now i know where to start:)

Can't wait to knit in public, Douglas Park? Down the one way, Sitting at Mcburneys?

Jan said...

Great links.I've listened to podcasts but never participated. Too shy ;)

Rookie Knitter2 said...

Thanks for the comments on my blog. I've been just writing for myself--but it's really fun to have someone respond! The podcasts . . . yes, I really love them and have especially enjoyed David Reidy's interview with Meg Swansen. I still haven't completely caught up with his or with Brenda's Cast On--but they are like jewels that I can savor as I knit.