Thursday, January 31, 2013

Sugar Scrubs!

As I have previously mentioned.... I made a bunch of sugar scrubs this past Christmas.

They were fun and easy, and honestly they make a great gifts. I really encourage you to try them out and enjoy them. All the recipes were pulled from Pins on Pinterest. I will link to the original posts from the fantastic bloggers that were kind enough to share them.

Ginger Coconut Body Scrub
Coffee Mud Scrub
Sugar and Spice Sugar Scrub
Vanilla Sugar Scrub

If you look through these scrubs, you will see similarities in the proportions and ingredients. Sugar scrubs are a great thing to make and really you can make them out of any combination of scents. Sugars have different coarseness and affordability, so that can change what you make. I had a ton of white sugar left and we are eating less of it so it was a no-brainer to use it up in the scrubs. Adding scents and other things like coffee make things more interesting and personal.

My game plan for all the mixes was to assemble the dry mix first and then add the oils. Much like baking. Some blends have a looser texture when you mix, so you add more sugar, and if you find that the scrub is drying out before you give the gift, add more oil and mix it up well. The point is to have a oily mixture, but you still want to have the texture of the sugar. I chose to use Grapeseed oil and Rice bran oil. Both are easy on the skin and absorb well. The recipe that called for coconut oil was infused as instructed, I love coconut oil, but not all of my recipient's were keen on the idea.

Well, this was one of the things I tried out, and there are more to share. I hope you consider trying this out for yourself or a gift.
I should make one for me.........

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